Allegheny Miscellany

By David Mishler, Conference Minister                  Volume 19 – July 2019

#1 – Mennonite Convention 2019 in Kansas City: GURPS - Conspiracy - SealedGURPS Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying GameGüterwagen Bahntrans Roco 46584 H0 OVP (FS)Güterzuglokomotive BR 86 der DB Märklin 33961 Spur H0 ohne OVP (NNO)

#2 – Guild Ball Masons Fully Painted + Based Guild Ball Team Full RosterGuild Ball Mortician's Guild The Master Of Puppets SFG B03-021

Gützold 31039396 BR 250 243-3 Ep. IV DR Digital ESU mit Pufferspeicher, DC, NEUGützold 33430 H0 Diesellok BR 219 DB AG Ep.5 6, DIGITAL,U-Boot,Zanhräder defektGützold 41505 Lokgehäuse Diesellok BR 106 V 60 BR 346 Oiltanking Gera Ep.5 6 Neu

#3 – Summer Camp – “I AM” – who Jesus is and who I am: Well done – to all the staff at Laurelville and our Allegheny summer camp staff!  Many memories and discipleship connections were made over the six weeks of Laurelville/AMC jointly- sponsored camps for some 190 children and youth 6 to 17 years old.  Many thanks and congratulations to Jeanette Lahm (Laurelville executive director), Kimmie Stradling (Laurelville program director), Joy Cotchen (conference minister of children and youth) and Leah Rittenhouse (summer camp director) for their work. 

#4 – New minister report: We recognize newly licensed minister – Naomi Tice – Gutzold BR-118 201-3 DR Special Series ACHSFOLGE C' C' SONDERSERIE OBGützold Spur H0 36100 Diesellokomotive BR 229 181-3 der DB, OVP

GW 1999 Chaos Dwarf Oglah Khan's Hobgoblin Wolfboyz Boxed Regiments RenownGW 40k Chaos SM Metal Loose Mini Chaos Space Marines Collection NMGW 40k Dark Eldar Metal Mandrakes Collection NM

#5 – Fiscal year-end better than budget! Thank you to all congregations, conferences and individuals who helped propel AMC to stay on track to reach a balanced budget by 2021.  You can review the financial reports on our website and delegates can counsel together at Celebration as we plan to achieve our financial goals in the coming years.

GW 40k Eldar Plastic Mini Warp Spiders Collection NMGW 40k IG Vehicle Valkyrie (2014 Edition) Box SWGW 40k Ork Metal Loose Mini Ork Snakebite Boar Boyz Collection NM

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Guild Ball Play Mat Classic Pitch New

By David Mishler, Conference Minister…………………………Volume 18 – June 2019

#1 – Preparing for Mennonite Convention 2019 in Kansas City GW 40k Space Marine HQ Loose Mini Masters of the Chapter Collection NMGW 40k Tau Coalition Command Box MINTGW Age of Sigmar Deathlords Morghasts Box SW

#2 – Only 35 days to Summer Celebration at Laurelville – August 2-4!  Much Fruit!  If you haven’t registered yet, find the form online or call Kathy at the conference office to confirm your place.  Our PayPal account is up and running, so you will be able to pay with credit card on site at Laurelville (or by check as normal).

GW AoS 28mm Soul Wars Box SWGW Citadel Base Paint Hobby Starter Set SW

GW Destruction Giant oop Metal Warhammer Age of Sigmar Bare metal completeGW Inquisitor Special Security Enforcer Barbaretta (2001) - METAL SEALED BOXGW LotR Moria Plastic Goblin Warriors Collection NM

Bring table games, puzzles, Rook and Dutch Blitz (not for the feint of heart) and other favorites for Friday and Saturday post meeting shenanigans.

#3 – Guild Ball The Ratcatchers Guild Paying the Piper NIB  GW RPG FFG Only War Core Rulebook Warhammer 40KGW Warhammer 40K Battlefleet Gothic Core Game on Sprue + Warp Storm Rulebook VGC

#4 – International Guest House needs you!  IGH is fully staffed with volunteers most of the year.  The summer months are notorious for not having enough volunteers to fill the gap. Can you make yourself available for a short (or longer) stint this summer?  Check out their website to learn more about this ministry – /

GW Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Era RT107 Rhino Marines Right Arm RaisedGW Warhammer AoS Grand Alliance Chaos Daemons Screamers of Tzeentch x5 Metal paGW Warhammer fantasy dwarf hammerers with command oop metal - x 9

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Graham 371-024 Red Schenker DB - Shunter Diesel 08 Class - - Farish e2075jyza41489-Locomotives

Graham Farish - 371-024 - Class 08 Diesel Shunter - DB Schenker Red
GW Warmaster Dwarves Mini Loose Dwarf Warriors NM

Allegheny Miscellany

By David Mishler, Conference Minister         Volume 17 – May 2019

GW WHF Empire Metal Imperial War Altar NMGW WHF Warriors of Chaos Metal Chaos Halberdiers Collection NM

John 15:1-8 is our scripture focus.  Dave Mishler (Scottdale), Kate Heinzel (University) and Wes Bergen (Morgantown CoB) will be preaching.  From which frame of reference do you see God’s kingdom – a frame of scarcity or a frame of abundance?  Deep roots, tending the vines, much fruit.

H.A.R.D.A.C Batman Heroclix 053b Animated SeriesH0 - Roco 64916 Interregio Schnellzugwagen 1.Kl Avmz 108.1 DB AG Epoche VH0 3 tlg. Kesselwagen Set Olex DRG Märklin 46751 NEU OVPH0 Blasmusikkapelle e 1. Mai Kundgebung - Pensione Mit 30 - Sporco DifettiH0 Décoder L'Ensemble Ensemble de Maisons L'Ouest Marshall (1 87), Kibri 38504

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Guilford Boston & Maine GP40-2 W DCC

H0 E-Lok E 44 506 DRG grey Umbau Roco TOP VP

H0 Fleischmann 4146 Dampflok BR 55 SNCF OVP 7251

H0 Fleischmann Br 132 101-7 Fonctionne - Lumière Ok Boue Gehäuse-mängelH0 Güterwagen G 10 DB Ep.III Sion Kölsch Brawa 49039H0 Lazarettwagen Umbau Langenschwalbacher DRG Liliput 817 02 neuw. VP Rar 2

Guillows 2004 1 28 Catalina 45-1 2 Wingspan PBY5a

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Article and photos by Ben Wideman.

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